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Asked Questions

Login / Portal 

All Healthcare Professionals in Australia are eligible to utilise the StrengthHEN portal for the registration of patients for the HEN program. If you are interested in using the StrengthHEN portal, please contact your Fresenius Kabi Specialist Representative or call our EN-Support team on 1800 930 9572 send us an email at 

The StrengthHEN portal will work on most internet browsers. For best optimisation of the portal, we recommend using Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge browsers. 

Please note that the portal will have limited function on Internet Explorer and is not recommended. This is due to Microsoft no longer updating this browser and may lead to issues about privacy and protection of Healthcare Professionals and patient details. 

For any technical issues or questions such as password reset, login fails, patient regimen/registration difficulties, etc. please contact our EN-Support team on 1800 930 9572 or send us an email at  

If you have requested an account with your local representative, please check your inbox to see if you have received an email with the subject ‘Welcome to Fresenius Kabi StrengthHEN’. If not in your inbox, also check your junk mail. If you’re still unable to locate a welcome email, please contact your local representative to have them reset your account. If you are unsure who this is, please contact our EN-Support team on 1800 930 9572 or send us an email at 

If you’re still having trouble logging in and it is critical your patient receives their product, please fill out the following form, email it to and your patient can call us on 1800 930 9572 to place their order.

HEN Registration Website Form 2022

Patient Registration

Yes, we have StrengthHEN registration tear-off script pads available for when Healthcare Professionals are not close to their computers or the internet. This will allow Healthcare Professionals to write up a HEN registration form at anytime and anywhere. However, it is highly recommended that Healthcare Professionals create the registration and regimen in the StrengthHEN portal so that when the patient calls our EN Support team, their order is done quicker, and the right pricing is applied to the patients order. 

Once you have selected a patient’s account information, there will be a button near the top right of their profile that says, ‘Transfer Patient’. Once you click on this icon, a box will appear. Fill in the information required, and the Fresenius Kabi administrators will be notified of your request and transfer the patient to the required institute. 

The patient transfer comes into effect once the Fresenius Kabi administrators have received the request from a Healthcare Professional and transfers the patient in the system to the designated institute. This can take up to one business day. 

Yes. When a patient is transferred to a new institute, all their previous information will be transferred to the new Healthcare Professional and institute. 

If a patient sadly passes away, there will be an option to ‘Deactivate Patient’ on their account page. This will mean that neither the Healthcare Professional nor Fresenius Kabi will be able to see them on the patient list but can search for them in the search bar if required for patient records. 

The Fresenius Kabi administrators will be given daily notifications if a patient’s name and date of birth are the same as another record purely for the purposes of checking for duplication. If a duplicate account has been created, the patient’s information will be merged. However, if the patients are different, a new account will remain for the other patient. 

Product Ordering and Purchase

Once the regimen has been created, the Healthcare Professional can print the regimen out which will have all the regimen and order details on it. The patient then needs to complete the following steps: 

  • Call Fresenius Kabi EN Support on 1800 930 9572. 
  • Ask for the EN Coordinator 
  • Provide the patient number provided on the form 
  • Provide Payment Details 

Once each regimen has been created, a patient printout will be generated which will contain the patient’s details; their Healthcare Professionals details; the products on their regimen; and ordering instructions. Under the ordering instruction will be a unique regimen code which is generated and will give Fresenius Kabi quick and easy access to their regimen details so they can process a patients order in a timely manner. 

The Strength HEN tear-off script pad is a registration form that Healthcare Professionals can take with them to a consult with a patient. The form will have the necessary space for the Healthcare Professional to list the products recommended for use as well as details on how to place an order with our EN Support team. However, it is highly recommended that Healthcare Professionals create the registration and regimen in the StrengthHEN portal so that when the patient calls our EN Support team, their order is done quicker, and the right pricing is applied to the patient’s order. To get your tearoff script pad, please contact your Specialist Representative or call our EN support team on 1800 930 9572. 


On the patient print out all of the product flavours will be available to order once they contact Fresenius Kabi EN Customer Service. The only instance when this will not be the case is if the prescribing Healthcare Professional has selected ‘no flavour substitution’ where only the flavours selected by the Healthcare Professional will be allowed for ordering. 

If the order is for the patient to pay, the Fresenius Kabi customer service team will discuss the flavour options with the patient, before they process the patient to pay the order. 

Once the regimen has been created, a new pop-up will appear with green text that states that ‘regimen is active’. 

If a regimen expires, or a new regimen is created for a patient, the preceding regimen will become ‘inactive’, and whenever you select on the old regimen, a new pop-up will appear with the text ‘regimen is inactive’ 

When creating a regimen for a patient, there will be a dropdown box with the option to select ‘once only’. Once you have selected the dropbox with this option, it will display on the patient printout. 

Once the regimen has been created, an icon will appear with the option to ‘Print Patient Regimen’. After you click on this button, a new window will appear with a PDF document containing all the patient’s order information. This printout will have a ‘print’ button to easily print the pdf to give to the patient. 

Yes. Once you have created a regimen, an ‘edit’ button will appear. This will clone the regimen that’s been created so that you can either delete or add new products to the regimen and make the appropriate clinical changes to the patient’s products. 

Under an ‘inactive’ regimen, there will be an option to ‘edit’ the regimen. When you edit the regimen, it will recreate the previous regimen. The Healthcare Professional can change the expiry date to extend the patient’s product regimen, and also add or delete any products required on their regimen. 

Yes. When creating a regimen, one of the requirements is to put in an expiry date for the regimen. If no date is selected, the option will automatically prefill to a 12-month period. 

Yes. Once the regimen has been created and is ‘active’, there is an option to ‘edit’ the regimen and the date of expiry can be changed to the required date for the patient.

There will be a menu option for ‘Expiring Regimens’. When a regimen has 60 days or less until expiry, it will appear in this menu list so that the Healthcare Professional is aware of any expiring regimens. 

Once a regimen expires, it will become inactive. If a Healthcare Professional wants to create the same regimen again for the patient, they will need to go to the regimen details and click ‘edit’ to recreate the same regimen with a new expiry date. 

As a Healthcare Professional, if you wish to extend the regimen expiry beyond 12 months, when creating a regimen, click on the regimen expiry date and select your preferred expiry time for the patient’s regimen. 

Yes, when you are creating or editing a regimen there is an option to edit the frequency of a regimen. The options are: Once Only, Weekly and Monthly. 


There will be two options to search for a patient in the StrengthHEN portal. On the home page, there will be an option to search by a patient’s first name, surname, and DOB. For this process, all the patient’s details will be required. 

The second option will be the global search bar. The search bar is on every page of the portal near the top toolbar where a ‘microscope’ option appears. In the panel across this icon, a Healthcare Professional can search for a patient using either their first name or surname. 

Yes. The global search bar allows for a user to search for products by entering the name of the product into the search bar.

Privacy / Terms and Conditions

Fresenius Kabi and StrengthHEN in general consider privacy to be of utmost importance. As a company, we have many protective processes instituted to ensure Healthcare Professionals and/or patient details are protected from misuse. StrengthHEN is hosted on a secure server in Australia and the login is password protected to ensure privacy protection for Healthcare Professionals and patients/carers. Please refer to the Fresenius Kabi privacy policy, privacy collection notice, and terms of use on the StrengthHEN or Fresenius Kabi website for more information. 

The data for the StrengthHEN portal is stored on servers in Australia to ensure compliance and meet Privacy Act 1988.